Eli Khoury

Eli is a strategic communications specialist and pioneer of practices acknowledged to have raised the standard of communications in the region.

He is the founder, chairman and CEO of Quantum Holding and its subsidiaries.

A liberal democrat and avid participatory citizen of Lebanon, he was among the key promoters of the 2005 Cedar Revolution.

Charles El-Hage


Former senior vice president of Booz & Company, Charles has 25 years of worldwide management consulting experience.

He has led a variety of high-profile national programs in the region, including the Jordan National Agenda, the UAE National Governance redesign, public sector reform in Egypt, the socio-economic vision in Lebanon and the program office for the implementation of Paris III Donors Conference commitments.

Charles is currently involved in governance functions with a variety of Middle East companies and non-profit organizations.

Malek Mroué


Malek is a political activist and sits on numerous boards of leading Lebanese corporations and associations, among them the Lebanese Press Association since 1993.

He is the former owner and general manager of Al Hayat and The Daily Star newspapers, based in London and Beirut respectively.

Malek participated in the Cedar Revolution and is a regular host of various charitable non-profit events in Lebanon.

Carlos Aboujaoudé


Carlos is the founding and managing partner of Abou Jaoude & Associates law firm, which was awarded the coveted ‘Best Law Firm of the Year’ award at the prestigious 2011 Arab Achievement Award Ceremony.

His areas of practice include ‪corporate‪, banking and finance‪ law, mergers and acquisitions, ‪capital markets and securities‪, tax‪, structured finance, financial restructuring and insolvency‪, telecommunications, media and technology‪, project development and finance as well as privatization.

Carlos sits on the boards of several prominent international institutions, corporations and funds; he is regularly invited to participate in government-led legal reform initiatives in collaboration with the World Bank and the IFC. He is also solicited to participate in pre-legislative round tables organized by the by the Central Bank of Lebanon and the Capital Markets Authority